Providing relief from treatment-resistant depression

Lophora is a drug-development start-up developing new rapid-acting drugs for central nervous system diseases including treatment-resistant depression.

Founded in 2018 Lophora has successfully finished initial characterization of its lead-candidate through funding granted by the BioInovation institute (Novo Nordisk Foundation) and plan to begin first-in-human trials by 2023.

The company has identified and patented a new class of proprietary ligands that share a pharmacological profile with psilocybin, which has shown promising clinical results in the treatment of depression.

Lophora is currently focusing on Treatment-Resistant Depression, but clinical data suggests that the new drug class will be applicable to the treatment of other CNS disorders including anxiety, PTSD and substance abuse.

Lophora holds a unique position in the market for anti-depressant therapies of the future. The company seeks to mature lead-candidate LPH-5 through pre-clinical operations, toward IND status by the end of 2022.

Given our unique technology and knowledge of the field, we are confident that we are moving ahead of a global market shift towards Psychedelic-assisted therapy as a treatment for CNS disorders.

Why a novel treatment paradigm?

Current Treatment Paradigm Novel Treatment Paradigm
Patients take their medicine daily for years.
Patients participate in a single hallucinogenic treatment session lasting several hours.
Patients take their medicine at home.
Patients are treated in a clinic under supervision of trained therapists.
Current medicines have slow onset of action - typically several weeks.
Relief from depressive symptoms are apparent within days following single treatment
Current medicines are associated with serious side effects - such as sexual dysfunction, weight gain and insomnia.
Hallucinogenic treatment session may be challenging to some patients

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Lophora is located at the BioInnovation Institute at COBIS Science Park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Contact: /+45 51 86 84 82