Developing Next Generation Psychedelic Medicines to Treat Mental Illness

Lophora is a clinical-stage CNS drug discovery company developing novel, next generation psychedelic medicines to treat a multitude of psychiatric disorders

About us

Founded in 2018 Lophora has successfully finished initial characterization of its lead candidate LPH-5 through initial funding granted by the BioInovation Institute (Novo Nordisk Foundation) and will initiate first-in-human trials by 2024.

The company has identified and patented a new class of proprietary ligands that share a pharmacological profile with psilocybin, which has shown promising clinical results in the treatment of depression.

Lophora holds a unique position in the market for Psychedelic therapies of the future.

Given our unique technology and knowledge of the field, we are confident that we are moving ahead of a global market shift towards Psychedelic Therapy as a treatment for various CNS disorders.

Lophora Founders Team at BioInnovation Institute (October 2020). From left: Emil Märcher-Rørsted, Jesper Langgaard Kristensen, Bo Tandrup, Anders Asbjørn Jensen.

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