Lophora completes preclinical development of LPH-5 for treatment-resistant depression

Lophora has completed the pre-clinical development of its first-in-class lead candidate LPH-5 for Treatment Resistant Depression. No toxicology or histopathology findings.

With the two grants Lophora is sufficiently funded to complete the pre-clinical development of LPH-5 and plans to initiate a Series A by the end of 2021 to fund the clinical trials.

The company has a strong portfolio of patents granted in the US, Europe and elsewhere.

Ian Laquain and Don deBethizy joined the board of directors in January 2021 and Allan Young, Prof. Psychiatry King’s College London, Hartwig Siebner, Prof. Head of Research, Hvidovre Hosp., UCPH and Tim Haines, Chairman & Managing Partner at Abingworth has joined Lophora’s advisory board.

During 2022 the company has successfully completed all planned CMC activities and are ready to dose LPH-5 in humans