Drug design

Embracing the future of psychedelic medicine, rational drug-design, building on decades of scientific research into psychedelic drug scaffolds, has led the Lophoras R&D team to the discovery of a novel compound class in which the problematic off-target effects of classic psychedelics have been systematically engineered out.

Having spent the past decades developing selective tool compounds to investigate the Serotonin 2A receptor and its pharmacology in clinical and pre-clinical research, the Lophora R&D team have directed their efforts towards the challenge of developing a selective therapeutic for the Serotonin 2A receptor. The current state of psychedelic research has allowed the full characterization of the Lophora compound class thus arriving at a candidate for psychedelic drug-therapy which not only shows very desirable drug-like properties and potent activity, but also has been rigorously investigated with regards to preclinical toxicology. Furthermore, CMC development has resulted in a scalable and robust procedure for the manufacture of LPH-5 on Kg-scale under GMP conditions.