Lophora Closes Bridge Round to Strengthen Global Patent Portfolio and prepare for Phase I

Founded by initial investments from BII (Novo Nordisk Foundation), Vækstfonden (EIFO) and Innovation Fund Denmark, Lophora has received additional support of ~US$1M from a syndicate of family offices and experienced biotech investors. The new investment allows Lophora to strengthen its global composition of matter patent portfolio and produce GMP-grade drug product of its first-in-class lead candidate LPH-5, which is ready to enter Phase I studies.

With the new investment Lophora is sufficiently funded to secure worldwide patent protection. With a clean toxicological profile and GMP-grade drug-product in hand Lophora plans to initiate Series A fund raising by early 2024 to fund the completion of phase-1 clinical trials of lead candidate LPH-5.

The company has strong IP including a composition of matter patent covering a wide area of chemical space (millions of novel compounds) – granted in the US, Europe and elsewhere and IP protection of the novel form and proprietary production route of lead candidate LPH-5 and fast follower LPH-48.

During 2023 the company has successfully completed manufacturing of drug product and is ready to dose LPH-5 in humans.